Mobility Lift Chairs For Comfortable Seating And Easier Standing

While its important that a person is comfortable in a seated position its also equally important that the individual can get up out of the chair as comfortably and as easily as possible.

Through power assisted operation of a lift chair the user can slowly and carefully manoeuvre the chair so that they can go from a seated position, gradually to a standing position in a safe and supported manner.

Other movement operations of the chair will allow for the chair to be in a recliner position, a foot rest area can be raised and lowered and the user can generally move the seat into a position that suits their need and requirement for that moment with the least amount of effort and the most amount of support.

Not all lift chairs will offer the same amount of functions and manoeuvrability and the price will often define the options available with the chair that you purchase.

Most lift chairs are designed to blend in reasonably well with existing furniture, so if they are used in a persons own home they will generally provide a comfortable and aiding form of seating to the user in a way that the individual can appreaciate the comfort of their own home while still benefiting from the functions of the chair.

Lift chairs can be generous in cushioning and comfort and many will accommodate up to quite a high body weight.

Some of the chairs available offer a battery backup function so that if the user of the chair is very dependant on the chairs functions and there happens to be a power failiure there is then a backup battery power supply so that the person does not find themselves unable to operate and get up and out of the chair.

Some of the more expensive lift chairs will include heat and massage features, this can be a personal choice and dependant on how much someone wants to pay but there are many companies offering different functions with riser and reclining lift chairs from set available positions to many more options for positioning, heating, massage, fabric choice and more.

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    Hi All, I am looking at powered rise and recline chairs for myself at the moment, I require the dual motor so I can raise my legs while in sit up position, I like the pillow/waterfall back but hard to find localy, I went to Westgate (Co-op) to try out the Celebrity Woburn Grande Dual Motor chair, I found it a very nice, high and wide seated chair, it has the button back which is not my first choice but it can handle up to 25 stone, being 19 stone makes a lot of brands borderline with a maximun weight of 20 stone, I found Pride and Restwell do 23 and 27 stone versions but Celebrity offer a 5 year warranty on mechanism and electrics together with nice workmanship but can be a bit pricy, Westgate only do the Woburn range but they offered me a very good price as from 25th October 2009 they have a 10% off sale for one week which means I can get a top notch chair for less than some of what appeared cheaper options. I am also looking at overchair tables so I can use my laptop while sat in it, I will let you know how I go on.


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