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Bariatric Lift Chairs

With different types of mobility products being needed by people of all ages and body sizes, it’s important that there is an availability to suit different people and their needs.

As a lift chair can provide good support and assistance as well as comfortable seating its good that there are bariatric lift chairs available because finding good substantially sized seating for a larger individual without mobility needs is important enough, so even more important for a larger person with mobility needs.

Not only will a bariatric lift chair provide the right type of seating for an individual with a larger body weight but they are also very suitable for taller people, for people over 6 feet tall they will find this type of seating being able to give them the support that a standard sized lift chair may be unable to.

A lift chair built for a larger person will be built well and designed to deal with the extra body size of the user, with extra width and height and even more depth to the seating to provide as much comfort and support as possible.

Still with the same features of course to enable the user to get in and out of the chair easier with an easy to use control panel as is standard with any type of lift chair.

Bariatric lift chairs will usually have a limit to the body weight capacity that they are designed to handle but this is usually quite ample, often 500 to 600 lbs.

You can rest assured that you can enjoy the same features, positioning options and comfort that a standard lift chair brings but also with a chair that is designed specifically for the larger individual.

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