You’re Looking Good With Grooming Mobility Aids

As a person with disabilities can require assistance with various everyday tasks, from getting in and out of bed and seating, as well as walking, getting out to the shops and visiting relatives and friends, to bathing and toileting too it can mean that sometimes a day is filled with tasks, often a lot of preparation and thought needs to go into the persons day.

Preparation and planning can become a part of some peoples routine and this is of course just to deal with everyday life.

Grooming is something that many people prefer to do themselves, and being able to deal with some basic grooming like hair brushing and drying,  the clipping of finger and toenails and other similar tasks is much easier if you have a little assistance from the right tools.

Because a set of standard nail clippers may be difficult to hold and even more difficult to press down on hard enough this could create a frustrating situation, as a result there have been various developments of nail clippers over the years where they dont need to be held by one hand and are  attached to a flat base and sometimes have suction cups on the bottom to stop the clippers and the base attachment from sliding, keeping them firmly in place, the user is able to slide the nail into the clipping area and with less effort they can press down on the clippers as normal.

Because there is no need to grip onto the nail clippers, which requires part of your effort just to hold them steadily enough, it means that you are only left with the need to press down with one or two fingers of your free hand while you deal with the nail clipping of your other hand.

For people that have difficulting trying to hold a hair dryer for any length of time you can purchase a stand that you can place your hair dryer into, it will support it securely and you can adjust the stand and move it to various angles so that it can point towards your hair and allow drying of you hair without the need to hold the dryer.

Brushing and combing hair can equally be as challenging and for this grooming task you can find brushes and combs that have extra long handles on them, they are also often shaped in a way that makes the job easier for you, requiring less stretching and lifting of your arms but still giving you the freedom and pleasure of dealing with your hair yourself.

After all, everyone has a preference for how they want their hair and their overall appearance to look, and sometimes you cant beat giving it your own personal touch, done your way, and with these grooming aids and others available, you can enjoy the grooming process, not feel restricted or dependant on someone doing it for you (your ability allowing of course) and then show off your fancy hairdo and everything to the world.  🙂

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    hi i want to put my own hair up in a ponytail i cant reach up very high is there anything for this that i can buy or use thanks mandy


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