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Reacher Mobility Aids

When it comes to household mobility aids, everything is a welcome addition if its easy to use and makes daily living within your own home easier and allows you to get on with as much as possible.

When seated and standing up there can sometimes be objects within your eyes view but just slightly beyond arms length and extending out your arm to reach something or having to get up to take a few steps to then lower yourself down to pick up something may cause you more problems than you feel is neccessary.

This is where a reacher can come in very handy, they are lightweight with a handle on one end and a clamping action on the other end, with a light squeeze of a trigger near the handle it allows you to grasp hold of anything that you can manage with the clamp action so that you can reach things easily and often saving you from having to get up out of a seat or having to bend down if you’re standing up.

A reacher can often pick up something as small as a paper clip too so it really does come in useful in saving you from movements that you may feel are more effort than they are worth.

Some have magnets too for picking up metal objects and with all reachers the emphasis is on simplicity, they dont complicate anything and serve the purpose that they are built for.

A reacher wont set you back much either, you can usually find them priced at around £10 and even cheaper.

A handy mobility aid to have near you at home.

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