Over The Threshold With A Door Frame Ramp

For access into and out of your home there is usually thought of ramps that lead up to the front door or back door of your home but often people forget about the obstacles that actually exist within the home that require a ramp if you are trying to get around in a wheelchair for example.

A door frame ramp can be perfect for bridging the threshold and making it much easier for you to get over what may be a small obstacle but is still an obstacle nonetheless and one that becomes a lot easier to deal with, using a ramp like this.

The ramp does not need to be fitted as a permanent fixture so it can be removed at any time but is safe, lightweight and slip-resistant, also being only one piece, it does not require any kind or assembling, extending or anything like that, simply put into place it provides a bridge over the threshold area, capable of supporting a weight up to around 40 stone and can simply be removed and stored when not needed.

When walking too, maybe with crutches, a walking stick or a frame it can be easier for you with a door frame ramp in place to pass through these areas with less worry of tripping and encountering difficulties.

HOMCOM 2ft Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Scooter Portable Mobility Assist Suitcase Access Aid Disabled

BindingGarden & Outdoors
ManufacturerMH STAR UK LTD
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Part Number713-027
Product GroupLawn & Patio
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  1. Nicky
    Nicky at |


    I am looking to purchase a door frame ramp. The floor levels are at different heights – does this matter? So one room has a floor that is lower than the other.



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