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Over The Bed Tables

Its nice to have a solid area to place not only meals but daily items that you find yourself using while confined to bed.

Something that is not attached to the bed is a good idea as it means that movement while in bed will not affect where your items are placed.

An ideal solution is the use of a bed table, they usually have a laminated top with a steel frame and are on wheels so that the table can be easily wheeled out of the way, no dismantling, no fuss and when the bed table is needed in place again its simply wheeled back over into position.

If there’s no wheels attached to the bed table it’s still usually easy to move the table out of the way and back into position as they are lightweight and will slide easily for you across a carpeted floor.

When an over the bed table is in place it provides a good steady area to be able to enjoy a meal with enough area to accommodate plates, cups and cutlery and at other times you can have magazines and books or anything else placed on the table, keeping items off of your actual bed and allowing you to be organised.

Over the bed tables are adjustable so that you can angle them and also raise and lower the height so that it is at a most suitable position for you.

Overbed tables can be found at around £50, some slightly less and others costing a little more, depending on your requirements.

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