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Mobility Drinks Cups And Mugs

When it comes to drinking from various beverage containers, it can become a bit of a challenge for individuals with mobility difficulties and everything from pouring out a drink, to lifting a cup or a mug and being able to get a good grip on it can be challenging.

Effort has been made over the years to design containers to be especially suitable for people with disabilities, not only to make situations more manageable but also for safety, the last thing that you need is a hot drink spilled down you.

Some of the drinks products and containers that you can find to aid you include cups with grooves around them to give you areas to place your fingers and helping you to get a better grip around the container.

There are also angled cups, basically these still have a flat base so that they can be placed on a surface like any other type of cup but with the difference that the containing area is angled so it requires much less tilting of your head to actually drink from the cup, especially as you’re nearing the end of the drink.

Two handled cups and mugs are common and very useful too, being able to take hold of a cup more firmly with both hands gives you piece of mind and can feel better in general, even for a person without mobility needs.

Some of the cups and mugs that you can buy have container lids and spouts if needed.

The cups dont all need to be plastic containers either, you can find two handled china cups if you prefer to use this type.

All of these various mobility drinks containers are aimed at making it easier and safer for you and greatly reducing effort in your situation so that you can enjoy your favourite drinks throughout the day, hot or cold and not have to contend with the challenges that can occur from trying to use standard cups and mugs that dont always lend themselves very well to people with mobility needs.

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