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Easy Grip Openers

The kitchen can present a few challenges at times for people with disabilities and its still suprising at times how food and beverage companies still continue to make difficult to open cans, bottles, jars and other containers.

One of the most common and useful types of household aids to deal with this are cone shaped grip openers, they are simple in design and more comfortable when opening various containers, they allow the user to get a better grip and to twist open a container much easier.

For a person with no disabilities, opening some types of bottles and jars can literally cause pain and discomfort, so for a person with a disability its not an exageration to say that some containers can become impossible to open and provide a serious challenge to a disabled person.

With easy grip openers it enables the person to avoid a mini battle with the top or lid of a container and allows an individual to be more independent.

There are a wide range of easy grip openers available on Amazon.

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