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Ceiling Track Hoist Lifts

For some people, the mobility challenges that they have require as much assistance as possible within the home, even just moving from their bed to a chair or vice versa can require a lot of preparation and help for what many people take for granted on a daily basis.

A ceiling track hoist lift can be invaluable in these situations and is one of the safest methods for moving a person over a short distance where the individual still needs to be comfortable and with any distress kept to an absolute minimum.

They are suitable for children and adults and are capable of lifting quite a high weight capacity too.

A ceiling track hoist can really show it’s advantage though when the track fitted to the ceiling extends into different rooms and through a hallway for example, this can really make the process of moving someone from one room to another a whole lot easier, at the same time being very safe and comfortable.

Everything from getting a person to the toilet, into a bath, into or out of bed, even getting someone back up after they have had a fall can all be done a lot easier with a ceiling track hoist lift.

A handset controls the movement of the hoist lift, usually performed by an assistant, maybe  a family member or a carer and may have speed control included that can be programmed , as well as other features which are dependant on the model that you purchase.

Although not a cheap mobility aid, as even some of the accessories can cost close to and above £100, a hoist lift will definately make a huge difference to the persons life and is the sort of aid that makes not only the user but family too wonder how they got by without one.

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    My Father has been quadraplegic and on a ventilator for over 15 years. We almost lost him again this past week. He does live at home, and we do use a ceiling mounted lift.
    Much nicer than the old wheeled thing.


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