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Bed Leg Rest Cushions Bring Relief To Legs, Ankles And Feet

With a bed leg rest cushion you can rest your legs and elevate them as well as being able to lie back in bed properly so that you can take the weight off of your feet and legs and can experience relief if you have swollen ankles, varicose veins and problems related to your legs, ankles and feet.

They are designed to be used while lying on your back and are not suitable to be used when lying on your side.

Some are made out of foam while others can be available as inflatable leg rests, either option will have a similar sort of shape where they slope underneath your knees at the back of your legs but some of the foam based leg rests will tend to give a more contoured shape with them being moulded.

Prices can start at about £25 and can go up to around £65 but some can be more expensive depending on design and quality.

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