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Bath Lifters

For people with mobility needs, the bath can present itself as a bit of an obstacle, even for a person with no disabilities the bath can sometimes result in accidents when people are getting in and out of the bath and may lose their balance or slip.

When a person has difficulty getting in and out of the bath and needs a solution to simplify this process a bath lifter can bring much needed assistance.

What a bath lifter is and what it does is provide a platform that is level with the top of the bath, enabling the user to get into position and seated on it, it has a backrest, one that is usually quite high too so that the user is going to be as comfortable as possible and a control panel to allow either the user themselves to operate it if they are bathing alone or for a carer to operate it if necessary.

When the person is seated the bath lifter is then lowered slowly and comfortably into the water and the recline position can be set with the controls so that the bather can suit themselves and be positioned comfortably.

As the user is ready to, they can then use the controls to position themselves into a more upright seated position again at the end of their bathing session and bring the seated platform back up to the level again enabling them to get out of the bath.

A bath lifter is portable so it does not require any permanent fixing to any part of the bath and can easily be removed for standard bathing for any other people within the household.

They provide a good and sturdy and also safe feeling for the user and increase independence for those preferring no human assistance and just needing a dependable bathing aid that is simple to use.

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