Extending The Life Expectancy Of Adjustable Beds

As adjustable beds will have various positioning features as well as some having massage options, it’s only natural to want to make the most of those features and once you get used to operating the controller you will find yourself getting used to various settings which are just right for you.

Of course one of the major points of an adjustable bed is that it can provide what a standard bed cant, you can read about some of the benefits of adjustable beds including aiding and improving circulation and you will find the assistance that they provide of great benefit to you.

For some users the use of the adjustable bed will only be at resting and sleeping times but for other users who need to spend more of their time in bed, especially during the day they may require more adjustment throughout the day so they may find themselves using the controls more which leads to more use of the motors which enable the bed to move into various positions.

Also if the bed has massage features then the user may want to make use of those features quite frequently, and why not if the features and options are built in and can benefit the user.

Something to keep in mind though when operating an adjustable bed is that the massage equipped beds are not intended to be used for prolonged periods, meaning that the bed itself and the adjustments of position and height and any other adjustments are fine as they are only using the motors temporarily but the massage feature should not be used continuously.

Over the space of a few hours, you should only use the massaging feature for maybe a third of that time, so basically a couple of hours of the massaging being on is fine during a 6 – 8 hour duration in bed, and if you are in bed longer then you can switch on the massage again say around 4 hours after you last used it, or of course you could break up that time of massage use with half hour or hourly uses over a certain time period.

If you try and use the features constantly then it may shorten the life of the various parts necessary for the functions that you use.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t make use of the features included within the make and model of adjustable bed that you own, just that if you use them sensibly and not constantly that you will most likely extend the life expectancy of your adjustable bed.

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