Bariatric Adjustable Beds

Not long ago i saw that someone had been asking if an adjustable bed was right for them, the reason this person was asking was because of a heavier body weight and wasn’t sure if it would be suitable to use an adjustable bed.

The good news is that like many other mobility aids available, adjustable beds are also available to suit a larger person.

A bariatric adjustable bed will provide all of the benefits that a regular adjustable bed will but with the added benefit that they are built to accommodate a larger user.

One of the noticeable differences will be that the bed is wider, because the bed is designed to suit a larger person it will be capable of easily supporting a higher body weight capacity.

Features that you find on a regular adjustable bed wont be left out on a bariatric adjustable bed, you have the control panel allowing you to adjust the bed automatically to a position that suits you best at any time that you need to and providing you with independence if you choose and are able to operate the bed yourself.

The frame is heavy duty and designed to support the user securely and safely without compromising comfort.

As with regular adjustable beds, a bariatric version will also aid in the relief of pressure sores and help in the prevention of pressure sores.

Most important is that a larger individual does not have to sacrifce comfort and relief from their disability and can benefit from a suitable adjustable bed that has been designed specifically for their type of body weight and larger body frame.

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