Stair Lift Rail Measurements And Custom Solutions

If you have a staircase that is curved or slightly different than many homes it will not cause any problems with regards to having a stair lift installed as the company will usually have an installation surveyor who will be able to put together the best solution for you with a custom installed stair lift made to suit the specific layout of your staircase.

If you need a made to measure stair lift rail to accommodate the stair lift then depending on how customised the rail needs to be it may cost slightly more than a more standard installation but the good thing is that in many cases where a company may suggest that a stair lift cant be fitted its usually a case of one can infact be fitted and it just requires a dedicated mobility company who take pride in providing made to measure stair lift solutions.

So if you have maybe put off the idea for years and thought that your home cannot accommodate a stair lift then its worth having a chat with one of the mobility companies, especially those specialising in stair lift installation to see what they can do for you.

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