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Motability And Asking For Extra From Dealers

handshakeThe British are known for being polite and not too forward, at least that’s what is believed by many over the years, also very polite when it comes to standing in queues and often this politeness can stretch to people not wanting to ask for something or for more than they think they are entitled to.

But as the old saying goes “if you don’t ask you don’t get” and there is nothing to lose from politely asking.

Keeping in mind that the money that the dealers make through the motability scheme is coming out of your allowance, its not like you’re not already giving up something in exchange for use of the vehicle.

The extra’s that they may throw in might only be something small, not costing too much but its worth trying, you are in a good position for negotiation and you shouldn’t ever feel uncomfortable doing it, in many countries abroad its the norm, they probably think us Brits are soft at times for paying without even attempting to try and get something more out of the deal.

There is also the satisfaction of coming away from a deal with a little bit extra, it brightens your day, its a small but pleasing accomplishment and it might even make you feel more confident and if you succeed in doing it you might find yourself doing it again.

Whether you get money off or an item or two thrown in as a freebie, it shows that the dealers can afford to do it, they still do well out of the deal and  you get that little extra from it, nice when all involved are happy with a deal.


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