Which Vehicles In UK Most Suitable For Transporting A Mobility Scooter?

For many mobility scooter users throughout the UK, the transportation of their mobility scooter while travelling to friends, relatives and other places requires the ability to fit the mobility scooter into their car, people carrier or other vehicles.

Naturally, some cars just won’t be suitable for the transportation of such a mobility aid, either because of the size of the car, lack of storage space or difficulties in loading and unloading of your mobility scooter from the vehicle, compared to with another vehicle.

You may have changed the make and model of car a few times over the years, maybe you have the ideal car for you and your mobility scooter currently, or have preferred a car that you have transported it in sometime in the past.

Please share your experiences below by commenting and letting others know how you have or currently get on with a particular car and mobility scooter combination, any tips, avoidances that people should know about? And maybe mention the particular mobility scooter that you use too.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi All, I have a Peugeot 206SW 1.4HDi (2003), I have a Pride Celebrity X Sport (8mph) mobility scooter. I tested the car with 7ft telescopic ramps I got off eBay and the Pride Celebrity X (4mph) scooter it flew in well had to fold down car rear seats then I folded down tiller and seat back, reversed it up ramps, when rear wheels are just in car put scooter in freewheel mode lift front a little to prevent scooter grounding on inner sides of ramps and it just rolls in, now put scooter back in drive mode so it does not roll about when driving. I then got the Pride Celebrity X Sport, same size except due to fatter rear wheels & captains seat, I had to remove anti tip wheels as they fouled the ramp sides then it went up easy, fold down tlller first then seat back and be carefull when lifting in when rear wheels are in car as my first go wife lifted bit too much and broke key off as it caught top of car but that time I think we had folded captains seat down first then tiller, it is much easier than trying to take a scooter to bits to load. My scooter is 47″ x 24″ and spare room front to rear so may take a 54″ scooter, width at narrowest point where roller rear shelf fits is 41.5″ and height of rear opening is approx. 32″, I have not yet tried it but may be possible to still use the smaller seat of 60/40 split seat, scooter is easy to move about one in car by lifting front and shunting about. The car is only £35 a year road tax, over 31 months I have owned it I have cleared 50mpg average on mostly 5 mile rural trips to shops, at 61 year old with maximum no claims insurance costs me £79 a year fully comp, £100 excess, protected bonus, upto 3K miles a year, plus £20 Legal Cover + £60 for full RAC cover with UK Recovery & Homestart. I had a faulty Radio CD replaced under warranty, once it had a problem starting, went to call for help got back to car started first touch so had to cancel help (transponder failed to recognise chip on key), it had both BSI & ECU firmware updated under warranty, it has happened once since so got out locked car got back in and started OK, it seams to be a common fault with other makes also. My first fault outside warranty my fuel gauge just started sticking but 6 years old next month. Have to have cushion on sports seats as the sides hurt my hips but other wise a handy vehicle, no need to opem rear hatch to put shopping in just hold down remote button and rear window section opens separate to full hatch, handy if someone parks very close as no room to open hatch. Could do with a glass sunroof that contains a solar charger to keep battery charged when left unused for 3 weeks in very cold winter, have to put charger on once per winter if gets very cold. Hope someone finds this usefull and I look forward to reading good suitable cars that are cheap to own, I have thoughts on Ford Fusion as looks to have bit higher seating but not sure if scooter will fit in. I bought my car private, 28 months old, 17,350 miles, just serviced at main dealer, 8 months dealer warranty delivered to my door for £5,500 cash, about £3K saving on one as good at a dealer, took 6 months to find the 1.4 HDi.

  2. Sue
    Sue at |

    This would be a brilliant site, exactly what I am looking for but wish more people had picked up on the idea. We are planning to buy a new 2nd hand car, must have enough room in the boot to fit a mini hoist, BUT, what car to buy ???????? Still no wiser. Can someone PLEASE HELP.

  3. ron leyshon
    ron leyshon at |

    I have a Citroen c4 Grand Picasso with an Autochair 80kg hoist ,I bought the lift on ebay,took out one of the 3rd row seats and some of the side panels in the boot and fitted it in myself,just 3 holes needed drilling, then took it to a local auto electrician to wire it up.
    I use an Aerolite plus scooter ,the 3 rear seats do not need to be folded down only the remaining 3rd row one.

  4. Idris Dixon
    Idris Dixon at |

    I have a 2007 Vauxhall Zafira 2.2 Automatic, 7 seater In the 18 months I’ve had it, I’ve never used the back seats. The wife has a Rascel mobility scooter and the way I get in the back of the car, is that I remove the battery and basket, lift the front wheels onto the deck of the boot , push the leaver to free wheel mold and lift the back wheels onto the deck and push forward,
    steering the scootinto left hand corner, then lifting the bach end to clear the door, finally, putting the leaver to drive mold to lock the scoot in place. To get it out just do the the whole thing in reverse, however, being 73 now and having the put the wife walker in as well I’d love to get a hiost fitted but to a car that 13 years old?. So we are looking for a car around 4/5 years old, Mobility cars are no good as I’m a three year licence review with the DVLA. So basicly if I can find out where these mobility car are auctioned after three years I might be on a winner


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