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What Mobility Scooter Accessories Do You Wish For?

Once you have purchased a mobility scooter, there are plenty of extra attachments that you can find to purchase, both online and at your local mobility products retailer.

Everything from a holder to place a drink and bags to store light shopping to various types of covering to protect you and your mobility scooter from the weather, as well as items like alarms, covers for the control panel and so much more.

Some of these may seem less important than others, while some are very useful like a holder for an oxygen bottle that makes it safer for the user to be able to have their oxygen bottle near enough with it still being held in place securely.

Each person has their wants and wishes, ideas that they think would be a good addition to their own mobility scooter, even if its not something that everyone else would want or need it may be very useful for you if it was available or maybe you even build some of your own extras to be fitted to your mobility scooter.

What have you thought would be really great if you could purchase it for your mobility scooter but have not seen available for them yet?

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