Wet Weather Protection When Using Your Mobility Scooter

Using a mobility scooter is not just for times when the weather is fine, and living in the UK you will be more than aware of how changeable our weather is and sudden cloudy skies surprise none of us.

Plenty of scooter users are willing to brave the rain, wind and cold but even being wrapped up warm and with the appropriate clothing on for the day it can be an added benefit to have an extra layer of protection against the elements.

You can purchase scooter capes that completely cover the mobility scooter and yourself with just the wheels and other essential areas exposed and they are made to fit quite snug around the scooter so that your vision around the scooter is not affected in any way.

You still have the use of your mirrors too, as slots are usually in place so that important areas of the scooter are not closed in, so you still have normal use of your mobility scooter but with full protection from the elements.

The good thing is that the capes are waterproof and often have an attached waterproof hood too so you really are well protected if you need to venture out in bad weather or if the weather begins to change for the worse then you can take out the scooter cape and be protected from the weather.

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  1. Sue Ridgard
    Sue Ridgard at |

    I have a Shoprider Monza mobility scooter. Can you please let me know what range of wet weather protection you have for my type scooter. Many thanks.

  2. ray milbourne
    ray milbourne at |

    weather protectors that attach to gopher whilst driving (clear plastic) raymilbourne62@gmail.com could you send me the cost please
    thank you


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