Video Of Mobility Scooter In Busy City Traffic

This video has been filmed abroad and not here in the UK but it shows how some people will take huge unnecessary risks.

Although it provides some amusement for the guys filming it from their own vehicle, its one of those heart in your mouth moments, there’s a possibility that the mobility scooter user in this video might have other disabilities that might prevent him from fully understanding the danger of the situation that he is in but of course there are also some users that seem to understand that they are taking a risk and do it regardless.

The majority of mobility scooter users are very responsible individuals but what you see out in public and videos like this show the dangers that some will put themselves in.

Of course this type of situation is not exclusive of mobility scooter users, we see this type of risk from pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle riders, car, van and lorry drivers and other types of vehicles.

While its not possible to stop situations like the one in the video, it does remind everyone else of the importance of safe and sensible use of mobility scooters, whether on a pavement, road or anywhere else.

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