Second Hand Mobility Scooters And Obtaining Replacement Parts

When buying a mobility scooter you might be looking for one that is second hand and there are often various makes and models being offered at quite decent prices, you might find them in your local classified paper or online , maybe even advertised in a local shop window or somewhere else in your community.

Quite often they have been very well looked after, some maybe hardly used and the owner or family are sometimes asking a very fair price for the mobility scooter.

If you know of one that is for sale and you are interested in buying, it can be a good idea to find out how old it is first, although parts are available for various makes and models, others might pose a problem when trying to get hold of replacement parts.

It might be that a second hand mobility scooter for sale looks hardly used and is hardly used but theres still the possibility that in the near future you might need a part for it, (even though it might be faultless at the moment) and this is when you may start to discover that you either cant get hold of some or most parts for that particular make and model.

A mobility scooter that is a few years old doesn’t mean that parts wont be readily available for it but its definately a good idea to check this before buying the second hand scooter, only to find out aftwards that what at first seemed like a real bargain turns out to be less so.

If you intend to purchase any future necessary parts locally then this would be the first place for you to check to see if the local mobility aid dealers can get parts for the mobility scooter that you are interested in buying.

Being prepared to look for any replacement parts online for a second hand model will improve your chances of getting hold of them but it wont guarantee this.

If you keep this in mind before snapping up a second hand mobility scooter you can find out if its a good idea to go ahead and purchase one that you see advertised or hear about through word of mouth.

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  1. Second Hand Mobility Scooters
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    Great advice. Buying second hand mobility scooters is a great way to save money over the price of a brand new one. Equally you are right in saying that it is also wise to look for second hand replacement parts as this can also cut down costs!

  2. scott Thompson
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    Charges but will not run it has been shouldering then stop any ideas


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