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Problems When Using Throttle On Mobility Scooter?

When it comes to using your mobility scooter, without the use of the throttle itself, it pretty much is useless, although the throttle is dependant on other areas of the mobility scooter, like the motor and power from the battery, it’s the throttle that gives you the control and the freedom to get about.

Because the throttle is a moving part and because it is dependant on other parts of the mobility scooter in order to work, it can, from time to time have problems, even though some of the problems may not be directly from the throttle.

Some problems may result in a lack of smooth motion as you control the throttle, and instead of the usual motion that you are used to you may get dead spots or the motion is jerky and unpredictable which can actually make it dangerous to use.

For example, you could be crossing a road or travelling on the road and if your mobility scooter is not behaving as normal this could leave you in a dangerous situation if it won’t move forwards or backwards when expected.

A fault may exist within the throttle control that can cause problems and lead to abnormal motion as mentioned above with unpredictable acceleration or complete dead spots.

But also you should check the battery, while a complete disconnection of the battery would obviously result in no power at all, it’s possible that a loose, faulty or even dirty connection could interfere with the rest of the parts that rely on power passing through properly for normal operation.

Also, the cable leading to the motor needs to be checked to see that nothing is loose or damaged that could lead to the types of problems mentioned.

After checking each of these it’s also worth checking if the motor itself may be the cause of the problem, this doesn’t mean that the whole motor may be at fault but maybe that there are worn brushes within the motor.

While checking each part, it can be a good idea to check some of the easier to test parts first, then you can rule out each one until you find the problem.

The reason that any part of your mobility scooter is not working correctly can sometimes have an obvious answer but this is not always the case and investigating what is happening with or parts can then lead to why another part is not working.

The reliance that one part can have on another means that sometimes it takes a little bit longer to find out the cause of the problem but it also familiarizes you with each area of the mobility scooter if you happen to be doing the work yourself.

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  1. lee
    lee at |

    Hi iv got a mobilty scooter i gone to shop and back it just stoped working like moveing all lights are still on.i dont know what is up with it.can you help me.


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