Pedestrian Consideration Towards Mobility Scooter Users

While there are regular articles online and comments about some mobility scooter users not being very responsible or considerate of other people when operating one, there are less comments about people that may cause problems for mobility scooter users and are inconsiderate, maybe when a mobility scooter user is trying to pass safely.

At times a pedestrian wont attempt to move over to one side to allow a mobility scooter to pass easily and safely, this is understandable if a pedestrian is not aware of a mobility scooter approaching, for example if the mobility scooter is approaching a pedestrian from behind or if both people are approaching a corner with no way of knowing if anyone is coming around the corner in the opposite direction.

Some people will see you approaching though and make little or no attempt to make way for you, it might be true that a person who wont make any effort to let you pass safely reacts the same with all people, whether its a group of people walking together, a mother with a pushchair or someone carrying bags of shopping home from the supermarket. So I think that it shouldn’t be taken personally, there is probably no particular reason that another person will do that other than lacking general courtesy in public situations.

There’s also the possibility of a person simply not being alert to what is going on around them, some people can be walking along thinking about something, they may have a lot on their mind and not be as aware of their surroundings as they normally would be, at least once in your life you have probably witnessed someone stepping straight out into a road and almost getting run over then suddenly seeing them kind of wake up out of the daydream that they were probably in and get sharply snapped back into the physical, very real and at times quite dangerous world that we live in.

I think it is important to point this out that there are pedestrians that lack consideration for mobility scooter users that are using the pavement in the same sense that some mobility scooter users on the pavement lack consideration for the pedestrians.

More can be done to educate users and non users of mobility scooters on safety so that it doesn’t cause further upset and lead to more serious problems in the future, after all some of the people complaining about mobility scooter users now might need to use one themselves in the future.

Most users are using a mobility scooter because of a disability, it would be ironic if we see a future generation of mobility scooter users that included some people that end up with a disability because they were hit by a mobility scooter years before and those not needing them now but maybe in the future should be able to look towards the use of a mobility scooter as a positive thing, not as a menace of the pavements.

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