Pavement Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters are available in various speed categories, quite commonly 4mph, 6mph and 8mph, in the UK the 4mph ones are for pavement use, 4mph is seen as an acceptable speed on a public pavement with sensible use taken into account.

Pavement scooters are Class 2 vehicles, allowing them to be legally used on all pavements and public footpaths within the UK.

The use of a Class 2 scooter on the road is not permitted, apart from using the road of course to cross it to reach the other side, but you can not legally travel along a road while using a pavement scooter.

No registration with DVLA is required for a pavement scooter, because of the limited use to pavements only.

4mph scooters can be purchased for under £500, with some available around the £380 price range, you can find mobility scooters within Class 2 up to £1500, this is of course down to personal choice, quality and extra features, brand quality and more.

An average distance range for these scooters can be between 8 – 10 miles but some will allow for up to 20 – 25 miles travel distance.

User weight capacity for these scooters can range from between 16 stone, up to around 25 stone.

Naturally the type of seating and wheels fitted to the scooter will affect the comfort of the ride while using the scooter and price can define this, personal choice and affordability will help a user to make the decision over what scooter is best for them.

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    I agree with the above but my local large disabilty dealer tried to sell me a Class 2 pavement scooter stating it can be used anywhere where you can walk, I live in a rural area with very few pavements so opted to use another dealer and bought a Class 3 scooter to be on safe side of law, I also saved £1250 on the price of the same scooter than if they ordered me the Class 3 model, it is well worth checking out suppliers on the internet as in the case of Pride the scooter comes striaght from them and the dealer I found in Melton Mobray has given me five star after sales service.


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