Others Keeping Up With Your Mobility Scooter

When travelling alone on your mobility scooter there is just usually the regular things to take into consideration during your journey, like being careful when crossing roads, careful on the roads if your mobility scooter legally allows you to travel along them, slowing down when passing pedestrians and generally minding how you go.

But if at times you are out with the grandkids or your dog, you might not immediately consider that they might have trouble keeping up with you, the majority of the time you will be travelling faster than walking pace of most people and if those walking with you are expected to stay close to you, possibly right behind you, obviously you might not be aware of their difficulty in trying to keep up with you.

Yesterday, for example, I saw what I would guess was a grandmother with two grandkids right behind her, what I noticed though was that both kids were having to occasionally jog, then stop and walk quickly then kinda hurry a bit more, almost jogging again.

As the grandmother was travelling at a decent speed and was in front, she seemed oblivious to what the kids were needing to do just to keep up with her.

On other occasions i have seen mobility scooter users with their dog on a lead running along the side, not so bad if the dog gets some exercise but still a situation where the mobility scooter user needs to be careful with regards to accelerating, not stopping too quickly and taking extra care when passing other people on pavements and when crossing roads.

Once you get used to a mobility scooter it is all too easy to forget that others can’t always necessarily keep up and its something to keep in mind next time you are out with family or the pet dog.

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