No Mobility Scooter Repair Training Available

I get a lot of people asking me through the site here if I know of a place where they can train to repair mobility scooters, it seems that there are quite a few people who would like to do this so that they can do various repairs for themselves and offer a service repairing mobility scooters.

As of yet though I don’t know of a specific course that provides this training, maybe it is out there, if it is though it probably won’t be nationwide, I have searched to see if it exists but found nothing, maybe it might appear in the future somewhere in the country.

Of course, you can learn about mobility scooters yourself by beginning with small and easier repairs, there is quite a bit of information online from fellow owners of mobility scooters of different makes and models and this can help you get a basic understanding.

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  1. Brian Tinkler (@easyjet01)
    Brian Tinkler (@easyjet01) at |

    I have just started repairing my mobility scooter which is most rewarding but obtaining the parts is another matter. When you only require a small part but are forced into purchasing a hole unit at a great cost.I am looking into Importing scooters and parts so if anybody is interested or has any information I would be most greatful.

  2. Julie Shrive
    Julie Shrive at |

    There is a Charity in Skelmerdale called Brighter Futures teaching the disabled to do the mending.It won some award recently .There prices are much fairer.

  3. Leonard
    Leonard at |

    Hi Can you please give me the Contact address where they hold courses in repair/maintance in mobility scooters Many Thanks Lenny

  4. Michael ONeill
    Michael ONeill at |

    Hello. Noticed ur post was a few years ago regarding training courses for mobility scooter repair and maintenance. Do u know if there’s any courses on the go now?

    1. Aaron
      Aaron at |

      Hi Michael
      Thanks for your comment. I am not aware of any, but then again I have not looked for any!

  5. Stephen
    Stephen at |

    Hi, We hold 2 courses per month please visit our website

  6. Yvonne Patterson
    Yvonne Patterson at |

    Hi yes I would love to learn how to fix mobility scooters with the idea that later open a shop and sell them thanks

  7. Lorraine Heywood
    Lorraine Heywood at |

    My husband needs to do a course to maintain my scooter. Any ideas please.
    Thanks in advance

  8. Johann Pretorius
    Johann Pretorius at |

    i would like a book or manual how to fix mob schooters!!! thanks


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