Mobility Scooters, Tight Spots And Other People

Recently i have seen a couple of users getting their mobility scooter into quite a tight spot, in separate shops and at completely different times, and one thing that stood out to me was that the shop workers looked like they didn’t want to interfere, also in both siutuations it was quite clear to the mobility scooter user that going into the tight spot meant futher difficulty in getting back out.

One needed to very carefully reverse away from the counter after being served, the other needed to edge forwards and backwards repeatedly until being able to finally get around the corner.

To be fair in each situation there was little that could be done to assist, i think the shop workers in both of those situations were right to not interfere, as the person who eeded to do some very careful reversing seemed comfortable enough with it and managed fine once she realised that there really were no other options.

I think that some non users can be intimidated by the mobility scooter, although most users are careful and courteous, i think the sight of a less than courteous user sticks in the mind of non users so that even when faced with a mobility scooter situation in a shop you often see that people are not sure what else to do but get out of the way.

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