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Mobility Scooters And Mobile Phone Use

We have all heard a lot over the last few years about not using a mobile phone while driving if it’s not a hands-free situation but even when using a mobility scooter it would be wise to avoid using your mobile phone while in motion.

Full concentration of what is going on around you is essential and it is too easily affected if you try and operate anything that is moving while having a conversation on a phone.

When trying to do both of these things at the same time, one is going to be neglected for the other and unfortunately, it’s usually the conversation on the mobile phone that gets the most attention, putting everything else second and that includes the mobility scooter users safety and the rest of the public.

If your mobile phone does need to be answered then wait until you can stop safely and in a suitable place and then proceed to answer it and take the call where you are, staying in a stationary position until the call has ended before carrying on with your journey.

It’s useful to keep your mobile phone with you while out on your mobility scooter, especially handy if you need to call a relative or friend if you encounter any problems with your mobility scooter when you’re out, and of course there’s the convenience of people being able to contact you while you’re out and about, just so long as all calls made and received to your mobile are when you are not actually operating the mobility scooter.

Although at times you may be expecting an important call, there is rarely any phone call that is so important that it must be taken so suddenly that you risk your own and other peoples safety.

Apart from overall safety issues, there’s also a chance that electromagnetic fields from using the phone could interfere with the electronics of the mobility scooter, something that you definitely don’t want to risk and all the more reason to have stopped your scooter completely before taking the call, to be especially safe you could turn off your mobility scooter too until you have finished using your phone.

Be a responsible and safety conscious mobility scooter user and only use your mobile phone when you have completely stopped.

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  1. Ira Mann
    Ira Mann at |

    I agree completely with your statement about the phones. We may not be traveling very fast, but we are still driving a machine. I hope everyone will think safty first. Thanks for the information. I will pass it on.


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