Mobility Scooter Tire Pressure And Efficiency

To get the most from your mobility scooter it’s a good idea to look after it well, keep batteries charged and to maintain it well with regular servicing and the replacement of worn parts.

But also some very simple things can make a difference to the running of your mobility scooter and result in very efficient use and ensuring that you get the most from using your scooter.

Making sure that you have the correct tire pressure for the tires on your particular make and model of mobility scooter is important so that you get the best out of the power of your mobility scooter.

If your tires are underinflated, you may find that you are not getting the mileage expected from a full charge of the batteries, also if your tires are inflated too much then this may affect the comfort of your journeys as you will tend to feel the slightest bump because the tires are way too hard from so much pressure.

If you have uneven tire pressure on  your mobility scooter then this could lead to it pulling to one side and you may feel that there is less control and stability of the steering than before, this will of course not usually be connected to any problem with the steering but because each of the tires are inflated at a different pressure and creating an imbalance.

Letting the tires become severely underinflated will lead to drag and will also wear out the outer edges of tires quicker and may result in premature wear of the grip on the tires, leading to them needing to be replaced sooner than would normally be expected.

Do follow any tire pressure advice that is supplied with the mobility scooter, whether in a manual or on a website or from a retailer, it’s important that the pressure is checked every now and then to ensure that the tire pressure is what it should be and that you get the most from your journeys on your mobility scooter.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has tried the self seal puncture gel kits in their mobility scooter tyres, I enquired about some on sale and was told by supplier it was not guaranteed for use on mobility scooters as tyres do not rotate fast enough to constantly keep tube properly coated, I thought it made sense but have still seen similar stuff for sale for mobility scooters.
    What I was wondering is, do they still make the cans of sealant with compressed air that used to be made years ago for cars, it sealed puncture and re inflated the tyre, I know the inner tube had to be changed if it got another puncture but small price to pay if stranded with a puncture on mobility scooter, it would be easy to strap a can under seat if it worked just to get scooter and user home then a new tube could be fitted as it would have to be removed to repair a puncture in any case so easier to swap than patch.
    If any one has had any expirience with this I would be very interested to know the results.
    I notice the new Pride Colt range have all gone onto solid low profile tyres instead of inflated on my Pride Celebrity X Sport, I wonder why as user must feel bumps more so less comfort.
    I also noticed they sing about the new LED front kerb light instead to the twin bulb type on mine but don’t mention the 5 LED light on top of pillar has now gone so really just a loss of the twin bulb light as the 5 LED’s now moved to it’s possition.

    1. David
      David at |

      I recently purchased 16 ounce slime puncture prevention from Halfords for £8.9 9 and it does all four tyres on my 8 mph scooter. Easy to use and it works.

  2. roy
    roy at |

    would like to know the tyre pressure for a electric scooter. lost my manual thank you

  3. sylvia
    sylvia at |

    would anyone know the tyre pressure fot mobility scooter thank you

  4. Ernest Stein
    Ernest Stein at |

    35 PSI On TGA Sonet Other Mobility Scooters may Vary.


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