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Mobility Scooter Covers

When your mobility scooter isn’t being used, either when its stationary at your own home or possibly at a friend or relatives property you want a way of protecting your scooter from rain, dust and even possibly heat.

When you arrive at other peoples houses, you may have to leave your scooter outside their front door, and with UK weather being as changeable as it is, your mobility scooter can get caught in a sudden downpour, not something you want to be dealing with afterwards.

But even when it’s a nice hot summers day, you don’t want your scooter reaching a temperature so hot from sitting in the sun that it becomes uncomfortable to touch, so anything that can shade your scooter will come in useful.

Fortunately you can buy scooter storage covers that are usually waterproof, so perfect for keeping your scooter dry but also handy if you need to keep the sun off of it and also for when your scooter is sitting stationary for a few days when not in use, a storage cover can help to keep the dust off it and even prevent minor scratches to the body of it with it being covered and protected against people accidentally knocking against your mobility scooter or something falling against it.

Some storage covers will be designed to be mostly used when your mobility scooter is not in use for a few days, but other lightweight covers are the type that you can drape over it quickly and can be taken with you and also will not take up much room at all.

You will often see covers priced at around £30 and some will be cheaper while others will cost a little more, depending on the type that you want and if you may need a heavy duty cover.

They are usually made to fit various lengths and heights of mobility scooter so you can usually find one that fits yours nicely without it hanging down on the ground or needing to be tucked.

A useful accessory that protects your mobility scooter from most inconveniences.

There is a good selection of mobility scooter covers available at Amazon.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi All
    If you live in Scunthorpe area I was in Halfords at Lakeside last night, on the left when you go in is a clearance shelf, I bought 3 different aids reduced to £1 each and noticed covers for scooters up to 1.2mtr long reduced to £10, there was 5 on the shelf last night, so if you live near there and want one they are a good deal.


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