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Mobility Scooter Arson Resulting In Loss Of Two Lives

Most of you will have heard of or read about the elderly couple in Rugby, Warwickshire where an arson attack involving a mobility scooter outside their home was set alight, spreading to their home and sadly resulting in the loss of their lives.

No one ever expects a mobility scooter to be used as a tool within any type of selfishness and cruel act like this but i imagine that had something else been situated there, that it would of been set ablaze, no matter what it was.

There is a suggestion that the couple had dealt with a problem in the area involving teenagers, and if this is the outcome because of that happening then its not only alarming that an individual or a group might go to this extent to retaliate but that they dont even look far enough ahead of their action to take on board that it leads to the actual loss of these two lives, which the police are now treating as a murder.

A mobility scooter outside a persons home should be safe, unfortunately it can be seen as a risk to leave one unattended for very long, but for one to be used as a tool within an arson attack is something that cannot be foreseen.

Its very sad indeed to know that this couple have died this way.

You can read more about the story here murder probe after elderly couple die in fire

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