Man Transports Roll Of Carpet On Mobility Scooter

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You might have seen this already but isn’t it one of the most daft and dangerous situations that you have seen involving a mobility scooter.

Fortunately the majority of mobility scooter users are very sensible and responsible with the way they use their own but examples of stupidity like this one does nothing for the overall reputation.

While mobility scooters can help you transport a small amount of shopping and take along other mobility aids with you like a walking stick or crutches, they were never and will never be intended for transporting large rolls or carpet along a road.

This guy not only put himself in danger but also those who were using the same roads at the time, no matter how determined he might have been to get the roll of carpet home or to wherever he was taking it , it simply is not worth the risk to do something as dangerous as he did.

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