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Key Removal For Safety Reasons

One thing that you want to get into a habit of doing when you begin to use a mobility scooter is to make sure that the key is not in the ignition before you become seated on it and that before you leave the seat that you remove the key from the ignition.

The reason for not having the key already in place is because you dont want there to be any chance of the mobility scooter moving before you have got yourself seated properly and the last thing you need is the mobility scooter suddenly moving as you try to get into place on it.

When you are ready to get off of the mobility scooter you then want to make sure that you remove the key fully, to make sure that again your mobility scooter will not be at risk of moving as you get off of it but also that anyone that should not be on it, ie: anyone except for yourself can not ride the mobility scooter.

Only having the key in the ignition when you’re ready to use it, makes for a safer situation for everyone, because it lowers your chances of injury while getting on and off of the mobility scooter but also prevents anyone from getting on it and maybe thinking it will be fun to try it out, maybe a young relative or friend and although the speed is restricted, it is still dangerous if an untrained user is allowed to fool around on your mobility scooter.

It also lowers the chances of your key going missing, imagine if you left the key in place even just for a few minutes, and someone decides to remove it, even if you have a spare key this is still a problem if someone removed it through being mischievous.

So overall, for your own safety, as well as others safety and the security of your mobility scooter it’s best to keep the key removed from the ignition apart from when you’re ready to operate it.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi All, I fully agree with all the above as when I got mine after assembly I tried it in my drive way and my wife wanted to have a go, she nearly scraped it due to nudging control lever when getting on it, lucky I stood alongside to steer it away from house wall, I also broke a key I left in switch while loading into car as it caught car roof inside at rear entry.
    A point I would like to add is the free wheel mode lever could do with a way to lock it so when left parked outside a shop or such place joy riders can’t just push lever from drive to free wheel mode then easiliy wheel it away or sit someone on it then push it away at some speed, a couple of healthy lads could easily lift it into back of a waiting van in seconds and goodbye scooter, next you will know it has sold on eBay in another area.
    If it could be locked it drive mode it can’t be wheeled away easily so something for manufacurers to think about.


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