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Keeping Your Mobility Scooter Cool During Hot Weather

As much as we joke about our weather here in the UK, a lot of us like to make the most of enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures and it seems that this year we are a bit luckier so far.

A lot of people know what its like to try and get into a car that has been sitting for a while in direct sunlight, sometimes the heat inside is so intense that it requires opening the windows or doors of the car and waiting at least a few minutes until it becomes more bearable to sit inside the car.

Even something that is not enclosed as a car can still get very hot to the touch, so hot that its painful to try and sit on, motorcycles can be like this but even mobility scooters too.

Leaving a mobility scooter in direct sunlight for a short space of time on a hot day is not as much of an issue but if you intend to leave yours for a few hours, maybe outside a front door or in a garden, it will become extremely hot depending on how its been made.

The type of covering on the seat will determine how hot it will actually become and if yours is the type that you know will become very hot while its not being used and left in the direct sun then you are best off covering the mobility scooter with something or trying to shade the areas of it that are likely to become intensely hot.

When at all possible, if there is a shade covered area that is safe to leave your scooter in then this is your best bet.

Other areas of the scooter that need to be touched, basically anywhere near the control panel, the handles, anything that might hold the heat are all areas of discomfort if not kept cool from the daytime sunshine.

Save yourself the pain of a hot to the touch mobility scooter by keeping it shaded and cooler when not in use during these hot summer days.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely summer weather that we are having during the month of June. 🙂

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