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How Far Can You Travel On A Mobility Scooter?

Naturally, you want to know how far you can travel on your mobility scooter so that you don’t have to worry about having enough power left in the batteries to get you back from your journey.

A number of things can determine how far you can travel, one of the more obvious being whether you have a full charge in the batteries, although this itself cannot guarantee a certain amount of use because of problems that can occur from time to time like the battery not holding a full charge or showing an incorrect level of charge left in the batteries.

If there are any recent problems that you may have experienced with your mobility scooter then this can make a difference too as to whether you will get the expected distance from your mobility scooter.

If you haven’t had any recent problems with your scooter and maybe only usually use it for short journey’s then you can get a rough idea of the maximum distance you could travel on it by seeing how much power one of your shorter journey’s takes from the battery.

Overall it wouldn’t be wise to travel too far on a mobility scooter, for example, if a journey is far enough to need a car and also if a journey would involve a lot of busy roads then this is worth taking into consideration and not only the matter of how far your mobility scooter might take you.

A mobility scooter can get you around but if you ever have a doubt about how much power might be left to get you back home or to wherever you wish to return to then don’t take any chances.

Even if someone has the same make and model as your own and they tell you that you can take it so far, there’s always the chance that your battery might have a fault or that another part is not functioning as expected or that a component could malfunction while you are out on your mobility scooter.

These are problems that you hope not to have to face while using your scooter, at least not too often, but they can and do happen.

Take these various possibilities into consideration when attempting to estimate how far you can travel on your mobility scooter.

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  1. Mrs Hutton
    Mrs Hutton at |

    I have a second user Karelma Power ranger, new batteries fitted last week, no manual so dont know how far I can expect to travell on a fully charged set of batteries, can you help me please

  2. Margaret Bamfield
    Margaret Bamfield at |

    I have just been given an AMD Scooter, model HP8204A, 4 wheels. Only problem it didn’t come with a manual and wonder if ou could obtain one for me, please. If you can please let me know what the cost is. Thanks.


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