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How Can I Repair A Mobility Scooter Myself

Many people like the challenge of repairing something themselves, it helps you to become familiar with the object that you are interested in working on and in some cases may save you some money too.

As there are various makes and models of mobility scooters available on the market, it means that various problems can arise with one model that you may not see in another.

There can be known issues with any particular model of a brand and this can lead to readily available information and answers regarding an issue, as others before you will have encountered the same thing, and if they too like working on their mobility scooter then they will often be able to advise you on how to repair it.

So to be able to repair a mobility scooter yourself (if you have not attempted it before) it can be a good idea to start looking through any documentation that came with the make and model that you have, also there are sometimes troubleshooting pdf files and pages either on some of the retailers websites or at the manufacturers websites.

These can be good places to start as sometimes they have direct answers on different parts of the mobility scooter that you own, for example if there seems to be an issue with a particular area of your mobility scooter, then it will often be mentioned so that you can see if this is what is currently happening with your mobility scooter and what may be the cause.

As well as the above, you can often find very useful answers by performing a search in any of the main search engines, the answers that are already available to many previously asked questions can save you having to hunt around and even if you cant find the answer to your problem there is usually a way to post a question of your own.

Although a mobility scooter has nowhere near the amount of parts to worry about that for example a car does, there are still enough parts included that means it may take a little bit of time for you to become comfortable with doing repairs yourself.

Dont be scared to give it a try but do take your time, the owners manual that you receive with the mobility scooter is worth reading anyway, even if someone isn’t planning to do any repairs themself, but for those that want to its a very good place to start.

When you’re getting advice from someone you know regarding repairs to yours, do make sure that they are aware of the make and model that you’re working on and dont accept the old “oh thats similar to mine, it will fit or it will work, dont worry” unless they are really sure.

Dont expect to know your mobility scooter inside out straight away, it will take practice and time to know how to repair yours and although you wont want too many problems with your mobility scooter, it unfortunately takes something to go wrong most of the time for you to learn how to fix it.

You need to approach each repair job individually, no matter how simple or complex it may be, its good to try and narrow down what is causing the problem, so that you dont go buying a few parts to find out later that you maybe didn’t need some of them.

Understanding what part is needing to be repaired or fully replaced can help you the next time that you’re doing repairs, because you will have a good understanding of what that part does, what happens when its not working, maybe even how to prevent it from wearing out or breaking so quickly and saving you from buying other parts that you probably dont need to replace.

How you can repair a mobility scooter yourself is be reading through all documentation that you can find on the make and model that you own, that includes the owners manual, information that may be available about it at a website that you bought it from (if you purchased online) , the manufacturers site or sites that host pdf manuals of various products.

And looking for questions already answered on Q&A sites, also having a good look around your mobility scooter, even if theres no problems with it yet, it does no harm to take a look at where various components are situated on your mobility scooter so that you know where to look in the future when you do need to do a bit of repair work.

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  1. george
    george at |

    have you any idea how i can buy a workshop manual for a rascal 889 scooter i have recently purchased ?its a year 2009

  2. Ben Harding
    Ben Harding at |

    my mobility was crashed int a tree and we tryed to turn it on but nothing happened, we had a look and there does not seem to be any cords unpluged and we charged it but it is still not turing on

    please help


  3. Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy at |

    I have a Cadiz Shoprider,from new 2008. It runs fine, but stopping as become an issue. When the paddle is released, the scooter,continues on for at least 1metre plus. Previously it stopped a lot quicker. The manual refers to electro magnetic brake system. Where is it, and can i fix it. Please help. from Brian

  4. john fresca
    john fresca at |

    90%of scooter motors are car starter electric motors and have the breaking mechanism on the outside of the motor opposite the gearing side and can be adjusted or replaced,but you must remove the motor first .you can always try to find a starter repair shop,good luck, BATMAN

  5. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    Hi iv purchased a second hand sterling pearl 2008 mobility scooter
    problem 1. Horn does not work
    Problem 2 . Light on the ignition is on whether the key is in or not
    Problem 3 . This means the scooter will go without the key in the ignition

    Any help please I need its use urgently thank you

  6. Phil
    Phil at |

    My mobility scooter is having problems. It suddenly stops and the dianostic light flashes nine times. What could be wrong Help

  7. Michael Ratcliffe
    Michael Ratcliffe at |

    I have a Rascal Ventura I have had it since new it was a Motability product then I bought it when my PIP was messed up .The problem I have is I replaced the batteries last year brand new 12V 50ah Strident batteries ,I followed instructions on charging ,the machine worked ok till January this year when on a fairly long run (5 miles) the batteries packed up the scooter had to be turned off and on to get me home! Now it seems to run out of power after about 2 miles slows down and stops
    everything goes out ,last night it used up one bar of the battery going to the shops literally across the road and the indicators (right one ) came on by itself .I have no idea what is wrong with it can anyone help?

  8. Tyler
    Tyler at |

    I have a Invacare comet scooter and the sound for the reverse and the signal light have no sound and the horn has no sound also

  9. John Masson
    John Masson at |

    My. Buggy is on its last legs I guess, I let my girl use it for one wknd, now when I switch it on does nothing but BEEP. Won’t move, the charger gets hot and shows Orange instead of green light when charging, do I repair or scrap, as a pensioner I can’t afford much, can you advise me what I should do anyone have ideas

    1. Harold Robinson
      Harold Robinson at |

      How can I remove sheepish scratches from the screen of my green power mobility scooter I’ve got a removal kit from Amazon with no instructions can you help


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