Furthest Distance On Your Mobility Scooter?

Although some of you might only use your mobility scooter for very local and short journeys there are some of you who might like going on a longer journey and there can be times when it is more of a necessity.

As long as you haven’t had recent problems with your mobility scooter you will probably be confident enough that with enough battery charge you should get back home from your journey without any problems.

What is the furthest distance that you have travelled on your mobility scooter? Maybe you regularly have to or choose to go on long journeys, when the pavements are in good condition it won’t be bad but if the pavements that you have to use are not in good condition then its understandable that you might avoid a long journey when possible.

Do you make specific plans for any long journeys on your mobility scooter? In case you have problems with the operating of it, for example keeping a mobile phone with you or agreeing on an arrival or return time with a relative or friend?

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  1. BoB
    BoB at |

    As a dog owner on my last legs (forgive the pun) I bought a new class 3 scooter in September 2011 in order to continue exercising my dogs.

    I took out an optional 3 year – 5 Star warranty with it. I also have it fully insured and taxed and as a qualified driver of many years standing, I would like to think that I know what I’m doing while riding it.

    Though my scooter was advertised as being capable of doing 30 miles on a single battery charge, depending upon the landscape, I wouldn’t trust it to do 3 miles fully charged.

    Though I was busy saving money to buy the fantastic, though very expensive Tramper scooter, like a fool I saw this particular company advertising their class 3 scooter, new for under £1000 so I bought one of those instead. The biggest blunder that I have ever made in my life.

    I’ve only used my scooter about 12 times, travelling approximately 2 miles each time, but it soon began to struggle going uphill, and its speed would surge even while travelling on a level road on fully charged batteries!

    The last time I used it was on 09/01/12 when it proved just how dangerous this cheap far eastern class 3 scooter really is.

    When I was waiting at a road junction to merge into, thankfully very light traffic, it refused to budge for about 10 seconds only giving off a near inaudible beeping noise. When it decided to finally move forward, it literally lifted its front wheels about 1 mm off the road and then shoot out of the junction at a much greater speed than I had set it to go. This same action occurred twice more before I had arrived home.

    I have not been out on it since.

    I have notified the company who I had bought it from (they are based in Leicester,) asking for an engineer to call at my home to repair it ASAP.

    They first stated that they have no records of me on their IT system so I forwarded an earlier email regarding my purchases. Now they are saying that their service department is being relocated so to date I have not had a visit from any engineer to repair my scooter. And boy am I annoyed!

    If anyone is wondering just who this mobility company is, well here’s a clue. Watch the brand new up and coming series of the BBC’s Top Gear program. In one of the episodes, the three presenters will be doing a race using mobility scooter/ electric wheelchairs. Jeremy Clarkson will be using a specially adapted, 8 wheeled scooter of the same model as I have from the same mobility company where I bought mine. This same company who has done nothing to ensure that my scooter is repaired will spend their time modifying one of their scooter for Top Gear!


  2. BoB
    BoB at |

    An update:

    Hi everyone,

    Since my rant (see above) about my scooter, it has finally been “fixed.”

    Nine days ago an engineer finally called (I had to wait nearly 4 weeks for one to visit.) After telling him about all of the problems I’ve had with my scooter, he stated that he would have it repaired within 15 minutes.

    Though I was very sceptical, he was true to his word. I don’t know what he did to fix it but I guess it must have been a very common fault. Anyway, it moves smoothly forward as it should, though it still has to “think” about reversing before actually doing so!

    After using my scooter again on a number of occasions since, I’m once again experiencing just how cold it is sitting down when there’s a freezing wind blowing. Always layer your clothing!

    Still, my dogs are once again enjoying their much longer walks.


  3. Hayen
    Hayen at |


    This is unfortunate, what has happened in your situation and without looking into this we would be unable to make a comment on what might have happened. You are welcome to contact me directly with your details if you want to talk about this. You can rest assured that we offer one of the best After Sales Care/ Services in the business with our own fully trained Engineers and dedicated Service Team.

    We do however, we have to state that that your comment regarding cheap far eastern products is completely out of order!! Pro Rider Scooters are made at the ‘Pihsiang Factory’ who are also responsible for all Shopriders/RMA Roma Scooters/ Sunrise Mediacl and some Pride scooters – That is a FACT. They have also been making Mobility Scooter for over 30 years and are the best in the business and in the world. However unfortunately, even Ferrari and Lamborghini will tell you that sometimes things do go wrong/ break and or fail it doesnt matter if you are paying under £1000 or over £100,000 it happens.

    It would have been good to have seen one of our standard Sub £1000 Road King Scooters compete directly against the other 3 £3000+ scooters used by the Army Guys. We are 100% confident that in the same test/ conditions our Road King would have lead from the front without a problem!!

    Remember the our Road King was firstly modified, Secondly completely abused, over a high stone wall and let roll down a hill – but it was still working 100% after this, need we say more.

    Please do not hesitate to conatct me if you have any questions or problems and I will do my best to help resolve them as quick as is possible. You wont get this from Shoprider/ RMA or Sunrise!!


    Hayden Watson
    Service Manager

    Pro Rider Mobility.

  4. una bayes
    una bayes at |

    waitrose store is 1.68 kilometres from hamlet close will my rascal mobility scooter take me there and back


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