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Dont Drink And Ride

As any mobility scooter user will know, it takes a little bit of practice before you become fully comfortable with the operation of yours and build confidence to the point of knowing your mobility scooter well, understanding what it’s capable of, it’s limitations and the safest way to use it.

When you do go out on yours, you know the various obstacles to watch out for, how unpredictable pedestrians, motorists and even pets can be and so you get yourself into a habit of looking out for all of these potential dangers and situations waiting to happen, with the hope of avoiding collisions and other situations, all of this while at the same time making sure that you yourself are operating your mobility scooter responsibly.

It’s amazing isn’t it, how you can see other mobility scooters gliding along, and the public see you on yours too, gliding along, looking like you hardly have anything to worry about, but you know that as a responsible user, you are ever vigilant, enjoying your time outside but always aware of the dangers from the moment that you take to the pavements or roads.

So with all that in mind, it may seem ridiculous that any mobility scooter user would risk being intoxicated while operating theirs but every now and then, someone somewhere in the UK will indeed take that risk.

Now for some people picturing that in their mind, it may seem like a laughable and harmless image, an individual going along the pavement or road on their mobility scooter, while drunk or at least while feeling a bit merry but a mobility scooter, just like any other mode of transport becomes much more dangerous to the rest of the public and to yourself of course, when the operator is under the influence of alcohol.

Whether you choose to drink at home or enjoy a few drinks with friends at your local pub, if you know that you wont be drinking soft drinks then your mobility scooter is best left at home after you have consumed alcohol.

It’s much safer to have a friend or a relative pick you up from your home and do the same again when you leave a pub or a friends house that you may have been drinking at, or even use a taxi service who can accommodate your needs.

While you may think that you are experienced enough both with your mobility scooter use and your ability to handle alcohol, the two really do not go together very well and with the accidents that lead to deaths at times, either of pedestrians or of the mobility scooter user themselves, it’s just not worth taking the risk, not to mention that if you did cause an accident while intoxicated and using your mobility scooter, then there’s a chance that you could end up being prosecuted and that’s simply not worth taking the risk for.

Never drink and ride, keep yourself and other members of the public safe.

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