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Caution When Cleaning A Mobility Scooter

Every now and then your mobility scooter is going to need a good clean, in between that it can be a good idea to give it a quick wipe over, even with just a dry cloth to remove any dust build up, but generally a good thorough clean of the mobility scooter is great when you have time to.

You should though, practice caution when you are thoroughly cleaning your mobility scooter because an excessive amount of water and in certain areas could create problems and lead to your mobility scooter not working afterwards.

A pressure washer may seem like a good idea at first, and they are great for cleaning cars and other vehicles but of course with a car the electrics and other important areas are covered.

Mobility scooters are more exposed and water going into the wrong area could cause problems with the electrics, and the last thing that you want after you have finished cleaning it is to find that literally nothing is working, or if it does work, that there are some problems with getting things to come on or getting it to operate properly.

As with the type of cleaning product that you may use too, make sure that it is suitable to be used for cleaning your mobility scooter, most importantly though, don’t go overboard with the amount of water used.

As much as water is vital for life and throughout the majority of life it’s harmless, it’s amazing how damaging it can be if it comes into contact with areas of a vehicle where it possibly is best not to.

Dont be frightened or worried about cleaning your mobility scooter, it’s good to keep it clean and to maintain it well, keeping it clean can prevent problems in itself, just as long as you don’t get water clogged up in somewhere that it shouldn’t be.

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