Carry More With A Mobility Scooter Trailer

As mobility scooters are continually improved they make a lot of short journeys easier and with various accessories that can be added it means there is little problem in a user carrying a walking stick or crutches, small amounts of shopping and other items on their scooter.

Sometimes though you may need to carry more than a bag of groceries and although some people may hang a shopping bag from the handles it’s not really the best way and could even become a little dangerous as it puts added weight on the handle area, this could make it more difficult for you to turn safely.

A mobility scooter trailer can be suitable for those journeys where you need to transport a few bags of shopping or other items, and safely, as well as keeping the items dry.

All of this needs to be possible without making your scooter difficult to manage, so it’s important that you don’t try to attach any type of trailer that you think you will be OK but instead only use one designed purely for use with a mobility scooter.

There will usually be a limit in size for the trailer and this is to make sure that the mobility scooter, with a trailer attached, does not become a problem to operate and that not too much weight can be added that would cause any problems or put the user at risk.

The trailers are usually lockable too, so keeping your items safe inside, they are built to withstand the natural vibration and wear and tear as a mobility scooter user travels along pavements and roads and will connect to most mobility scooters.

With a trailer you are not as limited to the amount of shopping or items that you can carry safely, this also keeps yourself safer by keeping anything that shouldn’t be on the handle area off and behind you where it doesn’t become a distraction or a liability.

Attaching a mobility scooter trailer is kept simple, as is detaching it so as soon as you don’t need the use of the trailer it can simply be unattached with a few simple steps and reattached with a few simple steps when you need it again.

We know of only two trailers that are widely available: the Travix trailer, and the Caddy trailer for the TGA Sonet, Mystere & Eclipse models. The Koolcaddy was an excellent trailer but appears to be discontinued. If you can find one second hand it may be worth looking into.

If any of our readers find any more trailers available, please do let us know.

Sometimes a picture will appear online of a bicycle trailer adapted to be used with a mobility scooter. If you feel confident enough to make the modifications, this route seems the easiest to go down.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    The trailer idea is good but a bit expensive, maybe a cheap kit could be made as my Caddy trailer that can carry about 7 cwt comes as a flat pack kit. All it would need it a ‘T’ trame with 2 stub axles and a coupling on it, 2 wheels, 4 sides and a floor for the box. Much safer I believe than the wire basket on a ‘T’ frame behind seat as these increase weight at back which can cause scooter to tip backwards especially if anti tip wheels removed like on mine as they foul the ramp sides when loading into car.

  2. Mackfender
    Mackfender at |

    My answer to this problem was to use a Cycle Cargo trailer,Obtainable for around £70 online (check Ebay for Cycle Trailer) and easily fitted with a little bit of thought.Has the advantage of being easily folded down and stored.It solved my problem,hope it can do same for you..

  3. Emma Weavil
    Emma Weavil at |

    Do you think a childs trailer for a bike would work the same way?

    1. Vanessa
      Vanessa at |

      I’ve been looking into this myself and found this on gov website:

      13. The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970 defines an “invalid carriage” as follows:-
      Section 20 (2) ” invalid carriage ” means a vehicle, whether mechanically propelled or not, constructed or adapted for use for the carriage of one person, being a person suffering from some physical defect or disability;
      14. There was a small majority of respondents in favour of permitting the carriage of a baby or a young child on a mobility vehicle. It is the Department’s view, that if a vehicle is adapted to carry a child, or if a pouch, sling or any other means of carrying a child is attached to the vehicle, the law does not permit this. However, the law does not explicitly state that a parent or guardian carrying a child in a pouch or a sling on their person, as an adult who was not disabled would do, is unlawful. There are obvious safety reasons why a baby or young child should not be permitted to be carried on the vehicle, and we have therefore decided that, on this issue, there is not a pressing case to make any changes to legislation.

    2. Nicol Trowbridge
      Nicol Trowbridge at |

      Yes. I use one daily with my daughter. I bought loads of lights and even managed to get some indicators.

      1. neil simmonds
        neil simmonds at |

        I put a klaxon horn on myscootr my trailer was a cycle trailer,am putting indidicators on trailer well secured with expensive bike cable with as d lock also bike lights I’m going to get a frame fabricated to take a ems bar lights only using off roads. My lever to go into neutral I have drilled 2 holes into seat frame to lock lever in place so also alarmed putting a tracker into the system puttig a cheap sim card in,then other plans

  4. coggy
    coggy at |

    Can you help me I have a shoprider cordoba which is a heavy duty scooter can you suggest a place that may sell a child trailer that I could fit to my scooter or is there a way i could get it adapted

  5. graham cooper
    graham cooper at |

    scooter trailers are illegal in the uk and a fine of £5.000 can be given

  6. Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter at |

    As Graham Cooper says: “scooter trailers are illegal in the uk and a fine of £5.000 can be given”

    So if that is try what is the distinction that allows a scooter to have a ‘trailer’?

  7. Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter at |

    Sorry I meant to say if that is true not try!

  8. emma
    emma at |

    Can I ask where you heard that a scooter trailer is illegal as I have considered purchasing the above trailer.

  9. graham cooper
    graham cooper at |

    went to my local mobility shop to buy a trailer for my scooter they told me that trailer’s for mob scooters are illegal ””so i contacted fish insurance to ask if i could extend my cover to cover a trailer
    after a sharp intake of breath said no you will have to wait till Europe say’s yes to their use…
    I suppose it will be the same rule that also stops you using your scooter on cycle tracks
    TRY contacting the European court of human rights

  10. Expecting Too Much From A Mobility Scooter |

    […] saw that someone had recently searched for “a trailer with child seat for mobility scooter” and at first i was thinking that they might be thinking […]

  11. christopher lee
    christopher lee at |

    Hi,i am thinking of purchasing a child bike trailer and converting it to fit my mobility scooter.As i have no other way of transporting my child around,do you think this is a suitable option ?

  12. Leah-anne
    Leah-anne at |

    Been thinking of doing the same getting a bike trailer soi can carry my son around I cant drive and collecting my other children is a nightmare although not far I cant walk that fair either and ive a 1 year old when I could ride my bike I used a bike trailer for my other children so would live to know if illegal or not??

    1. Vanessa
      Vanessa at |

      See my posts above … As replies to others..

      Don’t think you can carry a child in anything attached to the vehicle but you may wear a baby sling yourself

  13. Emma Beaumont
    Emma Beaumont at |

    i used to take my child sitting on the floor of my scooter, they loved it! for safety reasons i would not have chosen to have them somewhere where they could escape or not be seen by someone in a car behind me..

  14. Michael Hodgetts
    Michael Hodgetts at |

    Where can I get a disabled trailer for my wheel chair ( g Bernard Eliot do one that swing on it self cost over £700 pounds but have no contract number does anyone know contact number

    1. Aaron
      Aaron at |

      Hi Michael
      We have found some contact details on this page, but not sure how up to date they are.
      Good luck!

  15. john allsop
    john allsop at |

    As two seat scooters are not allowed on a public road I would think a trailer with a child in it would also not be allowed.

  16. Khadija Ijaz
    Khadija Ijaz at |

    Im happy on pavement i can not allow my child end up mental health due being stuck indoors age 3 god knows what age because stupid law. Trailer safer than having on knee seen loads people do uk


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