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Can I Take My Mobility Scooter Out In Cold Weather?

As we have plenty of cold weather here in the UK during the autumn and winter months and even some cold days in spring, some people will understandably be curious as to whether you can use your mobility scooter in the cold weather.

Fortunately you can, there’s no reason directly that you cant use your mobility scooter during cold weather, you just have to take the usual precautions like wrapping up well and adjusting how you use your mobility scooter depending on the conditions of the day.

Because cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean ice or snow outside, you will often just need to weigh up whether you want to be out on a particular day when its cold.

If the issue is ice or snow then there are limits to what a mobility scooter can handle and you wouldn’t want to put yourself in a position of being stranded, even if you don’t venture too far from home.

Trying to take your mobility scooter through quite deep snow wouldn’t be a good idea, and if there’s ice on the ground to the point that it makes it treacherous then its best avoided.

You can read about adapting to mobility aid use for autumn and winter with more advice and keeping yourself safe while out in winter conditions.

Cold weather shouldn’t mean that you cant take your mobility scooter outside to use, unless you have had problems with it in general that might become worse while out in the cold weather.

Remember to wrap up warm too when the cold weather for this year does begin and you’re out and about.

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  1. peggy
    peggy at |

    hi my scooter will have to stay out side,as I have no room in my flat. I want to no,if I make sure no water can get to it.is it ok to leave out side in ice and snow.thank you


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