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Can I Carry A Child On My Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters seem no different to other types of transport that people use when it comes to what people will try to do with them.

There is always the temptation to overload or to try adding something that is probably not a good idea to add or attempting to make it do something that it was not designed for.

Children often find it fun to be the passenger on things like mobility scooters which hold a kind of novelty element for them.

They may see a parent, grandparent or someone else they know using a mobility scooter and want a quick fun ride as a passenger as quite often a child will not see the dangers in a situation.

Not wanting to disappoint, it can be quite tempting to let a child get onto the mobility scooter with you, either for a quick fun ride or to take them with you to the local shops maybe.

The problem is that a mobility scooter is designed to carry one person only, the user, and attempting to carry a child on one, even though you are operating it, not only puts the child at risk but yourself too.

The danger of doing this on the pavement is enough to avoid doing it but if you take your mobility scooter onto the road then clearly this significantly increases the danger that you would be putting yourself and a child in.

A child might also fall from the scooter or possbly distract you while you’re operating it or the child might even reach for the controls and try and take over the operation of it.

Trying to carry a child with you on your mobility scooter is best avoided, even though it might seem like a fun idea at the time, it can lead to distractions and accidents.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    So, the fact that my my father thinks its ok to pull my 2 year old, on the back of his scooter, in a radio flyer wagon, on the streets, is not o.k., if not illegal? I’m certain the answer is no, its not ok. Just checking.

  2. RobBoyd
    RobBoyd at |

    So how does a single parent get from point A to B when they have no assistance with the child. Seriously, seems a need to be addressed.

  3. Debs
    Debs at |

    Robboyd I agree, I use a car but need a mobility scooter for shops a bicycle type adaption attached to seat post rather than stearing column. Also not the pull along type so you know what your children are doing.

    1. SarahBen
      SarahBen at |

      Did you get an adaptation for your mobility scooter? I have this issue too and can’t find anything to help me out!!

      1. SarahBen
        SarahBen at |

        Also have you googled the charity remap? They might be able to help…

  4. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    I am a single parent with a 5yr old and thinking about getting a 2 seater mobility scooter as it’s the only transport I have and can not leave her alone any advice r help would be very greatful

  5. Laura
    Laura at |

    Pregnant and have no idea how to travel with baby without my scooter on bad days. No one has any answers.


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