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Buying Mobility Scooter Spares

Just like other types of vehicles, you can purchase spares for your mobility scooter, as wear and tear over time will require at least some parts needing to be replaced, especially if you are a frequent user of your scooter.

As the battery will often see a fair amount of use it becomes necessary to purchase a replacement and as the information at Purchasing A New Mobility Scooter Battery and How To Charge A Mobility Scooter Battery explains you can often get a hint as to when you may need to replace the battery of your mobility scooter.

Another part that may need to be renewed is the charger itself as this is something that is seeing plenty of use, although not necessarily something that you will be renewing all of the time but it may need to be replaced occasionally, especially if you see any damage to it.

As some mobility scooters that are legal for road use have mirrors, these may accidentally become cracked or damaged in some way and not something that you want to be taking a chance on, the importance of having a rearview mirror and ones that are properly positioned is important, if you see obvious damage that you feel could obscure your view and alter your safety then its important to rectify this and replace any damaged mirrors.

You can also purchase the armrest assembly of many mobility scooters, its easy to see how an area of the scooter like the armrest can take its fair share of use and for comfort and stability you may find that this may need replacing after a long time using the same scooter.

There’s also tires and innertubes available, as tires are taking and supporting the weight of the scooter and yourself they will become worn over time and lose some of the tread limiting the traction that they provide.

Depending on the make and model of your mobility scooter, there will be other spares available too.

The important thing to do when ordering spares if you do it online is to double check that they are intended for use with the make and model of your particular scooter, the same applies when visiting mobility shops.

Both online and offline, the representatives and customer support should be able to advise you accordingly to make sure that they provide you with the correct spare part that you need for your mobility scooter.

Just like other vehicles, it is important to replace worn parts not only for the smooth and comfortable running of your scooter but also for your own safety too.

16 Responses

    F CHARLTON at |

    I need a spare key for CTM HS 580 Scooter
    Can you help please?

  2. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi, I broke the key for my Pride Celebrity X Sport first time I loaded it in car, I searched every where for spares, in the end I contacted the dealer I purchased it from in Melton Mobray, he rang me back to sat £3 each so I ordered 6 for £18 including post, arrived next day direct from Pride, another person on a forum came back to me with a dealer in Lancashire at £16 per key, I found my supplier on ebay and his service is fantastic, he charged £1250 less than the local dealer who was only interested is selling me anything they could for my new scooter delivered next day (you may need a to unpack and assemble or pay about £50 more for delivery and assembly), being an eBay dealer I never expected to get such great after sales service, if I need repairs I will ask him to do them by appointment pop it in my car and make it a day out.

  3. J.White
    J.White at |

    Does anyone know where I can acquire a front light cover for my pride revo 4 scooter without having to pay rediculous admin and delivery costs?
    Regards – Jon.

  4. r howle
    r howle at |

    i am looking for a reversing bleper for my freerider kensington 4mph and 8mph thank you

  5. david moore
    david moore at |

    do, you supply motor assemblys for ctm scooters,

  6. cathy
    cathy at |

    Can anyone advise where I could get some trim replacements (new or used) for a Sterling 4?

    Many thanks

  7. stanley johnson
    stanley johnson at |

    i am looking for a tiller mounted PCB for my BOOSTER TETRA ROADMASTER,have searched ebay and loads of site but no joy,can anybody help with this item it is a CONCEPT 1995 S1492-003-001,a help or info would be awesome

  8. Eddie
    Eddie at |

    Does anyone know where you can get spare motor parts for BRUNO mobility scooter? I need the controller which controls the clutch next to the motor. I think it has a magnet.

    My repairer says he cannot source this.

    Previously I purchased a circuit board controller from Curtis Instruments of Northampton, but this is the only part they do for mobility scooters – that information may be useful to others.

  9. jim smith
    jim smith at |

    anybody help with this
    the tiller hinge on the wifes 3 wheel road knight scooter has snapped it has a lever type adjuster in the middle – one securing bolt where it goes into the handle end – it has an allen key bolt through the centre of the piece that goes into the wheel end the mounting at this end is two pieces cut at a slant (THE ALLEN KEY BOLT GOES THROUGH THE TWO BITS) heres hoping

  10. mrs s smith
    mrs s smith at |

    Can you please tell me if a circuit board is available for a 2000 KARELMA HERCULES 8 mph mobility scooter, if so how much? right indicator not working, check done on bulb and wiring, so can only think it is circuit board, please can you help or advise, thanking you in anticipation sue smith.


    i am looking for a key for a dma tinto scooter Thanks Dave

  12. mandy
    mandy at |

    can someone help please I need a new motor for my pro rider road king scooter .. I wonder if anybody could give me a name of a site or number to that I could ring thank’s mandy

  13. Gary bottomley
    Gary bottomley at |

    I am looking for ECM scooter parts supplier or manufactures in the UK can anyone help please


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