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Telescopic Access Ramps

One handy type of portable ramp available to provide access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters is the telescopic ramp that is easily extended and locked into place for safety but also able to be folded down small enough that will make this type of ramp easy to carry around.

This type of ramp is especially useful if you need it to be lightweight and taking up minimal storage space, it requires very little time or effort to extend and then fold back down the telescopic ramp.

Care needs to be taken to make sure that each of the two sections of the ramp are aligned properly and that neither side is higher or lower positioned than the other, but overall they provide for a sturdy, lightweight and minimal space solution to provide temporary access and exiting.

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  1. Contax
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    I have purchased 3 sets of telescopic ramps second hand off eBay, first I got a 7ft set £118 Ddelivered, then a 2m lightweight pair locally for £60 which cost £270 + VAT, a friend took first 7ft pair to load things on his trailer in exchange for doing a job for me so I bought another set of 7ft ones the same for £100 collected but even after fuel to collect only cost £120, over £00 saving on new cost. Both the 7ft sets were top quality supplied by mobility but never used as they were not suitable for 3 wheeled scooters so when mobility vehicle went back the users sold off the Triton ramps, being telescopic they can be used at any lenght from minimum to maximum, even used them to get washing machine up steps when delivered, I would not be without them now. Only snag I have found is the inner edges could have been designed lower at top as scooter grounds on the edge so have to lift scooter a little once rear end is in the car, I am considering trimming the top edge on the lightweight pair when I get the courage.


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