Obtaining A Second Hand Mobility Scooter For Free

For some people, getting hold of an affordable mobility scooter can sometimes be a problem, there is the option of buying a second hand one but there is also a chance of being able to get a fully working second hand scooter for free.

Sometimes people can find themselves with a mobility scooter in their possession, either from temporary use for themselves that they no longer require any more or from a relative who no longer uses their mobility scooter and some people may not be looking for any money for it and take pleasure from being able to pass it onto someone who needs one.

It would probably surprise a lot of people that there are potentially hundreds of mobility scooters sitting in peoples garages and other storage spaces, not being used, just collecting dust and looking for an owner.

Its not surprising that many people will take one for free if they can get one, but often its probably down to the current owner not knowing where to start in order to pass their mobility scooter onto someone else.

A good place to look may be in your local newspaper and classifieds, they often have sections for people giving away possessions and of course keeping your ears open for any potential unused mobility scooters, but also letting your friends, neighbours and relatives know that you are on the lookout for one.

As long as any freebie mobility scooter available to you is in good working order and does not require you to have to start spending a lot to fix something then it can work out pretty nice for you.

Even if you do find one offered for free that maybe just needs a replacement battery for example, that’s still a good situation and keeps any cost minimal.

With a bit of luck and making contact with the right person at just the right time you may be able to get your hands on a good working mobility scooter with no cost to you at all.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    I actually saw one being given away on FreeCycle Scunthorpe last week, it required new batteries and a brake cable, but the owner was going to dump it, I understand there were many people wanting it.

  2. Eve
    Eve at |

    Where can I get one asap? Mine was stolen from outside my house on Sunday night!! It was locked up and the gits stole it!! Its affected my health badly. I have MS and the stress of not having my scooter is making my health “play up”.

  3. virginia alfonso
    virginia alfonso at |

    I have M.S. I presently am using a cane . but I trip and fall several times a week. I am 52 yrs old and long to have the fredom to just be with my family enjoying things that require walking more than 30 yards. I feel so left out . Please someone find it in their heart to help me.I just want to have mobility without the fear that I will fall and really hurt myself. I live in the gulf coast of florida.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  4. wayne harris
    wayne harris at |

    i just want to supizrize my aunt with a sooter so she is able to get about as she is never goas out now because of lets just say complications and id love to suprize her with one she is always going on about one im trying to save some money for one but im not good at that .but if by chance there is one that sombody wants to get rid i would be very happy to take it off your hands and i would be more than happy to make a donation to you thankyou very much wayne


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