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Mobility Ramps

mobility-rampAs you will be aware there are always places that may not have a permanent ramp in place and if you are using a wheelchair or a mobility scooter it can create difficulties when there are steps to get over and sometimes gaps that can cause a problem for a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Fortunately there is a good selection of lightweight ramps that are portable and can be carried like a suitcase so that where a short ramp may be needed the ramp can be quickly put in place and creates a much better entrance and exist for an individual using mobility products.

The ramps can also be used to provide a safe and sturdy exit from a vehicle where there may not be an actual fitted ramp in place on a vehicle.

The ramps are designed to be easy to unfold and to put into place and are purposely designed to bear high weight loads.

They can be purchased for well under £100 but if you require more from your purchase then you can pay substantially more.

Generally a shorter length ramp will be more suited to curbs and steps, for example a 2ft ramp up to a 4ft ramp, and you will find ramps longer than 4ft, up to 6ft more suited to being used for mobility scooters and wheelchairs exiting a vehicle.

It is important that a mobility ramp is not used beyond its intended use and a shorter ramp should never be positioned at a steep incline if it is not intended to be used to that degree.

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