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  1. Mrs. Mary E. Holmes "Dickens Fan"
    Mrs. Mary E. Holmes "Dickens Fan" at |

    Best wheelchair in it’s category This is an excellent light-weight, folding wheelchair. My husband finds it very comfortable also it has extra width which one wouldn’t expect from a folding wheelchair. The manoeuvrability is exceptional, either being self-propelled or being pushed by carer. It’s best features are, it’s light, it takes up less space in the boot of the car and it looks very streamlined. I would reccommend this wheelchair even though we had to wait about six weeks for delivery.

  2. para5O
    para5O at |

    Good chair but not suitable for everyone Have tried one of these wheelchairs (owned by a friend) and they’re well made and vey strong.He has used it daily with no problems at all and would recommend it.Just be aware that the clothes guards are fixed and the sides welded into place making side transfers and the use ofa transfer board difficult/impossible.


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