Wheelchair88 Mountain Trike – All Terrain Wheelchair

The Mountain Trike is our flagship Trike – all-terrain, self-propelled, sleek, versatile and available in many colours.

This is the ideal Trike for your outdoor everyday use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park and for the more adventurous, it has even been known to climb the odd mountain or two! The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean dry hands whatever the terrain.

Buy direct and save money

Buy direct from the manufacturers, Wheelchair88, and save yourself some money too. Wheelchair88 are based in Malaysia and all their chairs are shipped from there, even if you buy it through Amazon. The chairs are priced in US Dollars, so you can take advantage of the current exchange rate, and it won’t be an issue for your credit card provider. Delivery is usually 10-15 days.

We have partnered with Wheelchair88 and have a special offer for you – if you put “mobilityright” in the comments box when purchasing, you will receive a mystery free gift from Wheelchair88.

Buy direct from Wheelchair88

Mountain Trike – All Terrain Wheelchair

Direct Steering
The unique direct drive steering means that you can steer and drive the Trike with only one arm, leaving a spare hand for… holding hands, using the phone, walking the dog or even holding a coffee! The steering gives excellent control for smooth turns and an easy ride across slopes.

Air Suspension
Gives you a smooth and comfortable ride when riding over rough terrain, rocks and tree roots or dropping off curbs, riding over cobbles with confidence knowing that the Trike is highly stable.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Gives you great control and braking in all weather, over difficult ground and steep hills. Adaptable and adjustable just for you!

Lever Drive
The lever drive enables you to explore with clean dry hands and has the advantage of being able to ride over rough ground, up hills and even over obstacles.

Buy direct from Wheelchair88

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