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  1. CID
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    Rollator I have MS so I need help with my balance, I can relax more when walking because I am not worried about falling. It has given me the confidence to venture outside again by myself. This walker is excellent, having a strong ‘mesh’ seat and backrest it is very comfortable. What a blessing to be able to sit down when I am tired, rest my legs and back.The large bag is quickly removed/attached and holds a good deal of shopping. The backrest is even handy to hold my jacket when I get too hot.Height adjustment was easy to arrange, just the press of a small ‘tab’ in the framework, so no more getting frustrated with screws.The walker is manageable for me on my own, I am able to fold it myself and lift in/and out of my car boot. It has the added advantage of folding down even smaller for storage.I really wish I had invested into this City Walker a long time ago.

  2. Cassie "Cassie"
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    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Mobility restored. Very grateful, the box arrived before expected, well packaged, easy to put together. It was soon second nature to get used to walking within the wheels, and the handle height adjustments easy to make. The bag is surprisingly large, with a shoulder strap for ease of use. The seat is very comfortable. All in all, a very good buy

  3. Geoff
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    RMA 2465 City Walker – my third rollator purchase. Having used a rollator for more than 4 years, I decided to move’upmarket’ from my previous basic models – the main problem was having to take out the handle bolts to fit in the boot and the reverse procedure to get back to walking – not recommended in poor weather!I was made aware of this model from recommendations on Amazon after the purchase of a 36 inch shoehorn.It fits into the boot with no adjustment, the handle height adjustment is superb and the hammock type seat,combined with the supportive deeper backrest is very comfortable.Great success – many thanks


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