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  1. Staying Mobile – Waterford Tall Ship Race

    […] and can be folded up for easy storage, an example of a folding lightweight wheelchair is the Foldawheel PW-1000XL Lightweight Powered Wheelchair which is a great choice for people who need the storage space and a lighter […]

  2. Accomobility.co.nz | The Benefits of Electric Wheelchairs

    […] the good thing is that electric wheelchairs get lighter and easier to use with the passing of the time, and even more efficient. Nowadays they offer the perfect solution for […]

  3. jason winch
    jason winch at |

    Can anyone tell me where to purchase a replacement Version 3 Joystick Controller for a Foldawheel

  4. Jacqueline Barker
    Jacqueline Barker at |

    Can the batteries be brought in and charged off board the chair?

  5. Jp4175
    Jp4175 at |

    Does it plug into 110 or 220?

  6. Shadows
    Shadows at |

    […] you are searching for a place to buy the folding electric wheelchair for you or other people closer to an individual having long term or temporary disabilities. So now […]

  7. Send More
    Send More at |

    […] talking about the folding electric wheelchair uk, you will find it a perfect item. This lightweight electric wheelchair UK package deal is worth […]

  8. Monica Stroud
    Monica Stroud at |

    Can you please tell me if you carry any extra batteries for purchase to fit the PW 1000 XL as we live in U.K. and can’t find any here. I’ve had my one for a few years and suddenly they both won’t hold a charge. As a full time wheelchair user both in and out home I can’t wait for them to come from overseas. If you do stock them, or know of anyone who does, how much would it be for 2 please. Many thanks Monica


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