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  1. Staying Mobile – Waterford Tall Ship Race

    […] and can be folded up for easy storage, an example of a folding lightweight wheelchair is the Foldawheel PW-1000XL Lightweight Powered Wheelchair which is a great choice for people who need the storage space and a lighter […]

  2. Accomobility.co.nz | The Benefits of Electric Wheelchairs

    […] the good thing is that electric wheelchairs get lighter and easier to use with the passing of the time, and even more efficient. Nowadays they offer the perfect solution for […]

  3. jason winch
    jason winch at |

    Can anyone tell me where to purchase a replacement Version 3 Joystick Controller for a Foldawheel

  4. Jacqueline Barker
    Jacqueline Barker at |

    Can the batteries be brought in and charged off board the chair?

  5. Jp4175
    Jp4175 at |

    Does it plug into 110 or 220?

  6. Shadows
    Shadows at |

    […] you are searching for a place to buy the folding electric wheelchair for you or other people closer to an individual having long term or temporary disabilities. So now […]

  7. Send More
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    […] talking about the folding electric wheelchair uk, you will find it a perfect item. This lightweight electric wheelchair UK package deal is worth […]

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