Wheelchair88 PW-800AX Foldable Power Wheelchair

Foldawheel PW-800AX Duo Function Wheelchair gives you the best of both worlds: the freedom of a power chair, and the flexibility of manual control when needed. With its Magnesium Alloy large rear wheels, PW-800AX can operate as a power chair or as a manual wheelchair. (Optional Adjustable Headrest and Raisable Footrest available).

It is built with high-quality aluminium alloy and weighs only 72 lbs (together with 2 battery packs), much lighter than most power wheelchairs in the market. It can be folded into very compact size in less than 10 seconds, and it can hold up to 330 lbs because it has a very strong frame, seat fabric and powerful motors.


The 2 super lightweight, yet high capacity Polymer Li-ion battery packs are made for longer operating time and lifespan. It can operate about 15 miles with a full charge at a top speed of 6.8 miles/hour. (tested with 200 lbs user). It’s trendy 24″ Large rear wheel rims are made of latest Magnesium Alloy. Original PG drive controller for excellent control precision.

The armrests can be raised up, so you can get closer to tables and easier to transfer. Equipped with length adjustable and detachable footrest, plus the foldable backrest makes it very compact for fitting into a car boot. It also comes with detachable and washable seat & backrest cover which is very important for personal hygiene.

You can have the choice of 16″, 18″ or 20″ seat width (Special order of 14″ is available should you contact the manufacturers through the official website at Wheelchair88). And optional accessories like Headrest and Raisable Footrest are also available from the official website.

PW-800AX Foldable Power Wheelchair with the latest Magnesium Alloy rear wheel rims. We make this stylish model with different seat width 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″ and 22″.

    • 24″ Magnesium Alloy rear wheels allow you to reverse across larger gaps, and you can also hand assistance in conjunction with power mode upon challenging terrain.
    • Made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminium alloy and the total weight is only 34kg (75 lbs). With a strong structure, the load capacity is up to 150 kg (330 lbs).
    • Adjustable seat width allows the user to change the seat width among 16″, 18″ and 20″ should the user gain or lose weight over time. (14″ and 22″ are not adjustable, and 22″ is actually heavier as we use bigger motors and structure frame)
    • Uses 2 units of Polymer Li-ion Batteries for much better battery lifespan and ensures the lightest weight possible. Each battery pack is only 1.85kg (4 lbs) and detachable.
    • Never worry about running out of power as this foldable power wheelchair can be switched from power to manual mode in a few seconds (the switch at the gearbox is reachable by hand).
    • Our powerful 200W motors and gearboxes provide higher torque with more power efficiency compared to market products at the same power rating.
    • It has individual height adjustable armrests (So users can rest their arms in a comfortable position whether an extra seat cushion is being used or not).
    • And both armrests can be raised up to allow sitting closer to tables or easier transfer to other surfaces.
    • The seat and backrest are foldable. Footrests are detachable and height adjustable. This compact design allows for easy folding and storage in small spaces or car trunk.
    • The seat and backrest covers are made from the latest material “Airbreeze”, and it can be detached easily for washing.
    • Optional Adjustable Headrest (For more comfort) and Raisable Footrest (For users not able to bend the knees) are available.
    • All Foldawheel series come with global support warranty, so don’t worry about after sales support.

It is hard to find a foldable power wheelchair that has such a good balance of features: comfort, lightweight, good looking, durable and a reasonable price.

Buy direct and save money

Buy direct from the manufacturers, Wheelchair88, and save yourself some money too. Wheelchair88 are based in Malaysia and all their chairs are shipped from there, even if you buy it through Amazon. The chairs are priced in US Dollars, so you can take advantage of the current exchange rate, and it won’t be an issue for your credit card provider. Delivery is usually 10-15 days.

We have partnered with Wheelchair88 and have a special offer for you – if you put “mobilityright” in the comments box when purchasing, you will receive a mystery free gift from Wheelchair88.

Buy direct from Wheelchair88

5 Responses

  1. Gilly Harvey
    Gilly Harvey at |

    I have one of these chairs answer fond it a wonderful chair
    There is just one thing I need to know – is it safe to go down kerbs?
    Many thanks

    1. Aaron
      Aaron at |

      Hi Gilly

      It is safe to take down kerbs, as long as the drop is from a standard kerb and is taken at a sensible speed. The chair is very stable and handles rougher ground well. As with most things, only do what you are comfortable with and use your common sense! If it looks too high, don’t do it and try and find a lower point to come down.

      1. Gilly Harvey
        Gilly Harvey at |

        Thank you Aaron!

  2. Katrina J Griffiths
    Katrina J Griffiths at |

    How much is this wheelchair and where can I buy it from?

    1. Aaron
      Aaron at |

      Hi Katrina

      If you follow the links in the post it will take you to the Amazon page for the chair.


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